If you’re a teenaged smoker, listen up. Right now you can smoke if you are 18, but some in the Texas legislature are looking to change that. There is a bill circulating that would raise the smoking age in Texas to 21.

Some Texas lawmakers say that by discouraging smoking at the age of 18 and making people wait until they are 21, the state will see a big savings in the amount of money being spent on health care costs for smokers.

Smoking can cause things like birth complications and low birth weights, so it’s not just people who are puffing on a cigarette who would be affected by raising the smoking age.

It’s true that people will find a way to get around the law and get cigarettes if they want them, but think about how much less prevalent smoking is now than it was when we were kids. The higher age limit to buy and the continued education about the harmful effects of smoking can only help keep some people from picking up that nasty habit.

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