Another private college has closed down in El Paso.

Vantage College closed its doors as of January 19. Their two campuses in El Paso at 1605 George Dieter and 3 Butterfield Trail are both affected. Vantage's website had a statement saying "the U.S. Department of Education has been conducting a review of the College. No report has yet been issued in that review and consequently we have not been able to address any concerns that the Department might have."

The Department of Education review has stopped federal student aid funds at Vantage. Vantage officials say they are looking at options for students to complete academic programs at other post secondary institutions in the El Paso area. They are looking at several institutions that have comparable academic programs and "may provide credit for course work completed on a satisfactory academic basis at our school."

Vantage says they will make arrangements to maintain academic and financial aid records. They will also reportedly provide any information requested by students and other educational organizations via its website.

Students with questions for Vantage can email them at Students who are currently enrolled at Vantage will get their transcripts in the mail next week to their last known address on record with the college. If your address has changed, email that information to

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