When people are in a rush because you heard that Costco restocked eggs.”

That’s just one of the many jokes El Pasoans were quick to crack after a photo of a van landing on top of two cars in the Basset Place parking lot went viral.

I'm as guilty as the next guy of trying to get a jump on a parking spot, but this? How?

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According to one of the local news stations, the elderly woman driving the van accelerated, crashed, and landed on top of the two parked cars. (Accelerated from where, the rooftop?)

Authorities who responded to the scene said there were no serious injuries, but did not break down how exactly the van managed to go airborne. That's kinda impressive, though, not gonna lie.

FitFam El Paso
FitFam El Paso

El Paso Got Jokes

Dalisa Mirabal
the floor is lava- car edition

Ricardo Franco Barrientos
Monster Jam came early this year

Raul Marin Jr
My biggest pet peeve is people who think the rules don't apply to them and just make their own parking spot!!!

Joe Hernandez
When people are in a rush because you heard that Costco restocked eggs

Velvet Jones
From that angle is hard to say who got there first

Erika L. Carrillo
It doesn’t take a genius to know how it got there! It’s been windy

Matthew Wojciechowski
The sign says "speed bump" NOT "speed jump."

Trisha D. Reid
Them Duke boys...

But it was Kelley Veach who dropped the real Truth Bomb. ”We've all been in that lot,” she wrote, "it was only a matter of time.”

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