Close encounters of the Whatameal kind?

It appears citizens of El Paso aren’t the only ones who think Whataburger is out of this world. The Instagram account FitFam El Paso posted video of what may or may not be a spaceship from a galaxy far, far away on an early evening Whataburger run.

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What a Sight


While filming the North Zaragoza Whataburger’s lights hilariously flickering last night, a [FitFam] follower believes that they may have unknowingly filmed a UFO right overhead. Was this an optical illusion? Or were aliens craving a Number 1 (with guac and bacon)? -- FitFam

I find it interesting that the flickering seems to start as the unidentified flying object appears to fly over the building.


"It's legit! I saw this documentary on extra terrestrial life. And lights flicker when they pass over any kind of electricity, wrote dontmesswitexas.

"If you're referring to the lights in the sky it looks like an airplane," jmschinagel countered.

A few, like silver_rado_18, had logical explanations for the fluttering lights "Neutral issues with the wiring," she offered matter of factly.

Others thought it was food-related.

Aliens are just mad that Whataburger can’t come up with a decent chicken sandwich.

They were pissed to find out the Monterey melt was gone forever

They were too far from Roswell and were jonesing for a green chili double

Morse code: #3 = Triple meat / bacon / cheese /grilled onions & Jalapeños, please add creamy pepper sauce what I translate!

Most, however, expressed their doubt that ET was paying us a visit, or that whatever the source of the lights in the sky was the cause of the mysterious flickering lights.

But it was rosenalex2012 who dropped the real Truth Bomb. "See," she wrote, "even aliens prefer Whataburger over In and Out!"

Watch: Whataburger UFO

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