If you didn't hear Wednesday night/Thursday morning's rain storm, you might have heard the result of it. On the city's east side residents around the Tierra Lorena and Tierra Karla intersection were jolted away when a lightning strike broke through the asphalt and ignited a natural gas line. I mean let's be real, there really is nowhere to hide from lightning if it can hit a street, blow through it, and wipe out a gas line made of inches thick material. We aren't safe from this natural menace. Run for your lives!

Of course, the most dangerous part of this wasn't just the unreal strength of the lightning bolt, it was the fact that the gas line ignited and then shot flames into the air that could be seen for miles. Residents on FitFam where this video was first posted said it sounded like a bomb had gone off or someone had crashed into a house. I mean watch this craziness.

I had a friend who lived in Dallas and he used to make fun of me all the time when I said I wouldn't shower if there was a storm in the area and especially if there was lightning present. He used to say that I was being so silly because the roof would protect me but I think the hole in the street and exploding gas line has just proved him wrong.

So what did we learn today kids? We learned that you far eastsiders need to calm down because God has really good aim.

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