Two female UTEP students were approached by a man who exposed himself and requested sexual favors.

UTEP police say the incident happened Thursday around 9 in the morning at 1600 Lawton and 1600 Prospect. The suspect is a white or Hispanic male in his early 40s with a medium complexion and medium build. UTEP police say he is also described as having a short cropped brown haircut, is clean shaven and wore dark clothing.

The suspect is driving a black pick-up truck with large tires, a silver tool box, and front push bumpers. If you have any information about this suspect, you are asked to call UTEP police at 915-747-5611.

These kinds of incidents are really scary. If you are going to be walking alone anywhere, make sure someone knows where you are, when you should arrive at your destination, and remember to always be aware of your surroundings. It's easy to think of the UTEP area as safe, but as with any part of town, there are weirdos out there who will try to get away with doing this kind of thing. Try to get to an area where there are people, carry mace, or scream to attract attention if you are confronted with this kind of situation.

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