Back in June, UTEP was told by the UT Chancellor that they couldn't sell beer for the Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr./Andy Lee fight.  It pissed off the entire city and destroyed ticket sales.  But UTEP pulled up their big girl panties and told UT today, "Oh yeah, well, we're going to sell beer at games!"

UTEP threw together a press conference today at 4:45 to announce the beer sales at this weekend's Homecoming game.  They also said that they will decide on a game-to-game basis on future beer sales during the remainder of the football season, and the upcoming basketball season. gutierrez

UTEP officials said that they told the UT System that, "...we were going to try this new experience at the Sun Bowl, and they know we are going to do it.  They were fine.  They're ok."



Good for you UTEP!  Fans should be able to have a beer if the want during the game!  It keeps people from slamming down a six pack during tailgates or smuggling booze into the games.  24 oz. beers will run you $9, and will not be sold past the third quarter.  Extra staff will be on hand to make sure there is no underage drinking, people are served if they are already intoxicated, and things don't get out of hand.

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Now, here's my conspiracy theory - is UTEP selling beer so they can get more money to pay a future football coach more money to win more games?  The lack of money affecting the Miner Football team's performance was discussed on ABC 7's Xtra Sunday night.

So, what do you think about UTEP's decision to sell beer at games?  Yay or nay?  Also, is UTEP selling beer at games to pay for better coaching?  Let us know what you think!