UTEP Coach Tim Floyd spoke with the El Paso Times about his team in today's newspaper, and called an ABC7 reporter a meanie!

UTEP Coach Tim Floyd Calls Out El Paso Reporter
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Ok, to be fair, what he said was, "Chris (Washburn) will actually be in class, too.  He needs to finish some classwork. But, he has expressed an interest in getting back closer to home in the Dallas area and we couldn't satisfy his minutes. He wanted a little more playing time. Plus, he was also a little disappointed by how he was portrayed on local TV by Asher Wildman of Channel 7."

Chris Washburn was, allegedly, trying to get into a bar in the Cincinnati Entertainment District last month, and because he is underage, he was told he couldn't go in.  He, allegedly, tried to go in through a back door, and he, allegedly, punched the bouncer when he was caught.  The bouncer suffered a very real broken tooth.

UTEP Coach Tim Floyd Calls Out El Paso Reporter

Floyd apparently didn't think that Asher Wildman, sports reporter for our news partner, ABC7, was very nice about the alleged assault, so he told the paper that Wildman's coverage was part of the reason Washburn wants to leave UTEP.

Get over it, Coach.  I love the UTEP Men's Basketball team, but if they act like thugs, then you should be apologizing for their behavior, not attacking the media for reporting on the incident.  You are supposed to be a role model, and all you showed your players is how to avoid responsibility for their actions.

Instead of taking potshots at the media, why didn't you call Asher, tell him you wanted to talk with him on camera about his treatment of your player, and hash it out like men?

The quote in the Times was a classless move, Coach.



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