If taking selfies with high profile athletes at the Rio Olympics was an Olympic event, Brent Folan would have won the gold, silver, and bronze.

The Fort Worth, Texas resident made quite the social media buzz this month in Rio de Janeiro taking selfies with all kinds of athletes and celebrities including the U.S. women’s gymnastics team, the U.S. Volleyball Dream Team, Zac Efron, and, yes, even Michael Phelps.

But did you know the Stars and Stripes onesie-wearing Superfan is KVIA ABC-7 anchor/reporter Evan Folan's older brother?

Evan Folan KVIA Facebook
Evan Folan KVIA Facebook

Evan, who has been a part of the ABC-7 news team since June 2015, couldn't be happier for his sibling. "My brother is one of the luckiest people I know... Glad to see he is having the time of his life in Rio," he recently wrote on his Facebook page.

As equally big a sports fan as Evan is, I'm willing to bet he's also a tad jealous. You know, that whole sibling rivalry thing.

Watch the story Good Morning America did on Brent below, and check out the impressive collection of photos he's taken in Rio on his Instagram page here.

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