After the show this morning, I got an interesting email. It was this screenshot of a tweet from former ABC-7 anchor, Rick Cabrera, to, well, I'm not really sure. It was a pretty intriguing tweet for 10:15 on a Tuesday morning. I stared at the tweet for a minute and had a few questions:

1. Whose Daddy is Rick?

2. What does Rick want 'very much'?

3. Who is daddy Rick talking to?

4. What are they commenting on and liking?

5. Who uses 'daddy' at 10:15 on a Tuesday morning?

6. Whose. Daddy. Is. Rick??

7. Did daddy Rick ever get permission to like and comment?

8. Does daddy Rick know that screenshots are a thing?

9. Is there a 'Baby Girl' on the other end of this tweet?

10. Does daddy Rick need a refresher course on private tweeting?

11. Will I ever be able to unsee this tweet? *spoiler alert - no!


Come on, daddy Rick! Tell us what is going on here!

Rick Cabrera via Twitter
Rick Cabrera via Twitter

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