It seems that Trump’s inauguration cake was a direct replica of former President Obama’s cake from his inauguration back in 2013.

During Friday night’s festivities for President Trump’s inauguration baker and Food Network personality, Duff Goldman took to Twitter revealing that the cake at Trump’s inauguration was a direct copy of his cake creation for Obama back in 2013.

Apparently according to TMZ, the cake was in fact requested to be designed after Obama’s inauguration cake by Trump’s people. However, instead of calling on the original cake creator, Goldman, they called on another cake shop who gladly took the job.

UPDATE: According to the cake shop owner of Buttercream Bakeshop they have decided to donate the money from the purchase of the cake to the Human Rights Campaign.

Duff Golman Twitter
Duff Golman Twitter2

I guess there’s nothing wrong with trying to replicate good taste when you have none.

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