Earlier this week, People magazine named Blake Shelton the 2017 'Sexiest Man Alive.'

I know. Weird.

Well the weirdness has not left the minds of many Twitter users. If you search #sexiestmanalive, you will find many people asking what is going on with this world? Blake isn't the sexiest man alive, unless all the other men died. That is not my creative sentence, it is what most Twitter users are saying.

2017 has been a rough year, so it's only fitting as someone like Shelton would be named sexy. People magazine stand strongly with their decision and allowed Shelton to use this title to mock Maroon 5 lead singer, Adam Levine. I bet 'The Voice' paid people for the cover.

According to the interview in People magazine, Shelton has always been considered ugly, but if people want to call him sexy, he is going to take it. This is the real fake news. If even Shelton knows he doesn't deserve the cover, why did he get it?

Should we investigate this? Does current girlfriend Gwen Stefani have something to do with this? We may never know these answers, but we do know, People magazine has weird taste in men.

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