Austin Trout vs. Canelo Alvarez fight was crazy! So many people and score cards all over the place. I've heard some very interesting things that make me think, "rematch"!

Rumor 1:

Since Trout is somewhat faster in the ring when compared to Canelo, the ring had an inch of memory foam installed to the floor the night before. This would considerably slow down any foot action from Trout.

Rumor 2.

When there is a boxing match the boxers receive their boxing gloves a week prior to the fight. Well, Austin did not receive his gloves until one hour before the fight while Canelo got his the week prior.

Now I know these are only rumors for now but considerable and not to bogus to not be true. These minor things could have changned the outcome of the fight as well. Thoughts? Heard any others? Email me!


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