MountainStar Sports announced yesterday that they purchased the San Diego Padres Triple A baseball team, the Tucson Padres.  Triple A ball will be played in El Paso starting in the 2014 season, so now we need to come up with a name.  Tell us what you think it should be...

A lot has been written about the controversy surrounding the Downtown Ballpark, the acquisition of the team, and on and on, so let's leave that to the side and try to come up with a name for the team.


I kinda like the El Paso Sun Kings - the name of the Diablos before they were the Diablos.  Earlier when we were talking about it on the air, Mike said he thought we should keep the 'Padres' name because it goes with the El Paso region.  We have missions and legends like The Lost Padre Mine, so 'Padres' would be a good fit. 



Ok, it's your turn!  Choose one of the names we came up with, or tell us what you would name the team!


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