This weekend I got the chance to see a Dallas Cowboys game live and in person. I know, I'm not a football fan but who would turn down that kind of opportunity? It was really an education. I've seen professional games on tv but the ambiance and atmosphere of a live game is really something to experience. I took some video of the beginning of the game but I'll spare you the video of the later part of the game when it was clear that the 'Boys weren't going to win.

1. This is the view when I just walked into the skybox. It's really something when you walk in and all the sudden there is this huge space that opens up below and around you.

2. The skybox is decked out with a couple of rows of stadium seats that put you over the field and then a lot of interior seating that is so plush and comfortable. We had some delicous shredded beef and chicken tacos with chile con queso and Dallas Cowboy's cupcakes. I didn't get video because I was too busy eating.

3. The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are amazing. I've seen them on tv but seeing the precision from this angle is really impressive.

4. Again, you see these guys take the field on tv and it's pretty cool but the whole stadium shakes when they take the field because everyone is so excited for the game.

5. The rest of the team was announced and watching the flag get unfurled and the military being honored was really special. It's one of the things that always takes my breath away.

It's a shame that the Cowboys lost but watching a live game, and being in such a cool skybox, is the only way to see your team, even if they don't show up to play until the last quarter. Go Cowboys!

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