Tomorrow is the big "unlucky" day of Friday the 13th!

Many people don't really care about this day, yet others are terrified! The day that was made famous by the horror franchise, "Friday the 13th" is feared as a day to stay safe. For those who are traumatized, take extra caution when it comes to handling superstitions on this day.

In America, we have many superstitions we pass down generation to generation but here are the top five superstitions, many people have turned into an everyday practice; according to On The Other Side of Reality.

  • Humane Society of El Paso
    Humane Society of El Paso

    Black Cats

    My least favorite superstition has to be about black cats being bad luck. It was started by a German idea of these beautiful creatures being a bad omen. This superstition has led to many black cats being targeted as victims of torture and death. Some researchers have even found black cats are less likely to be adopted due to their fur color.

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    Warner Bros.

    Friday the 13th

    The whole day just gets a bad rap and people believe the day is just cursed within itself. They also say it's the worst day for people who are trying to start something new on that day.

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    Breaking a Mirror

    Breaking a mirror is embedded in our minds as a sign of bad luck for 7 years! No one can prove it actually happens, but no one would want to break a mirror anyway to find out.

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    Getty Images

    Walking Under the Ladder

    Walking under a ladder is said to bring bad luck, due to the possibility of attracting the devil. The way the ladder looks leaning against the wall, is said to be a triangle, which is then led to symbolize the holy trinity. Don't break the trinity, or bad luck happens; so they say.

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    Getty Images

    Stepping on a Crack

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