If you are willing to relocate and have a couple millions, then you could own your own house of horrors!

In Westfield New Jersey, there is a house that has been creeping out owners Derek and Maria Broaddus. They have put the house up for sale at 1.125 million, after purchasing it for 1.3 million back in 2014. Unfortunately, back then they didn't know the house had a permanent house guest.

Known as "The Watcher" house, the owners have received four letters from the mystery guest. In the letters, the owners are asked the name of their children and called "young blood." Probably the most creepy thing about this situation, is "The Watcher" telling the owners that his grandpa and his father have watch the house before him. How are such creepy people having offspring?

Sadly, the owners have tried multiple times to sell the house with no luck. Their hope is the reduced price will convince some brave individual to take over. The house is gorgeous but I don't think that is enough to convince many sane people to live in a house with it's very own stalker.

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