I am huge fan of Hallmark holiday movies, not so much scary movies. I was watching a Hallmark Halloween movie the other day and I realized that everything you shouldn't do in a scary movie you should do in a Hallmark holiday movie.

Here's what you shouldn't do in a scary movie:
1. Don't investigate strange noises in the basement - The creepy killer made noise in your grandma's basement because he is just waiting for you to go tiptoeing into the doorway so he can grab you.


2. Don't split up from your friends - The creepy killer can only off one of you at a time so if you're in a group you're much safer.

Marko Bradic

3. Don't stay in a house alone during a storm - I mean come on, a storm? Alone? Need I say more?


4. Don't walk home alone - You're just kidding me now, right? It's dark out there and you want to walk alone at night?


Here's what you should do in a Hallmark holiday movie:


1. Investigate strange noises in the basement - The hunky guy with a heart of gold is in the basement of your grandma's house because he's fixing her water heater without his shirt on.

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2. Split up from your friends - You have to walk away from your friends so the sweet but shy guy has a chance to talk to you. He's too shy to do it in front of a crowd.


3. Stay in a house alone during a storm - The charming caretaker of the lovely Victorian home you're staying in while you try to write your novel will come check on you during the storm and have to sit by the fire because his clothes are soaked from the rain.


4. Walk home alone - Seeing you all alone gives the gentle, but not jerky, gym guy the chance to slow jog up next to you and ask if you would like some company to see you home safely. Along the way you'll marvel at how much you both love all the Pinterest-worthy Halloween decorations on the upper middle class, tree-lined street you both live on.

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