#Embarrassing. That's what my kids think when I use a hashtag. I have to admit, I sometimes use them way too much, but I want to get better at using them, so here are a few things my kids told me to do if I feel the need to use a hashtag in my Tweets.

1. Create a hashtag that other people will use.
Sometimes people use hashtags #JustToBreakOutAThoughtTheyWantToHighlight. Hashtags were originally supposed to be used so other people who wanted to join in your conversation could search a hashtag. If you want to break out a thought and don't care if anyone else uses your hashtag, then use them to highlight a thought. If you want to encourage conversation under your hashtag, then go to Twitter’s search bar and see if your hashtag is getting traffic, or if there is a similar one to yours that you can join.

2. #nobodylikesanuglyhashtag
Ugly, tough to read hashtags are the main cause of migraines. Don't give people migraines. Make your hashtag #EasyToRead.

3. You really #dontneed #100hashtags to #getyourpointacross.
One, maybe two short hashtags are all you need. Do you walk out of the house with four necklaces, two watches, six pair of earrings, and rings on eight fingers? #OfCourseNot. Too many hashtags are like too many accessories. #LessIsMore

4. Space in a relationship is good. Space in a hashtag is not.
#GoodHashtag. #Bad hashtag. #NuffSaid.

5. Don't Sade Your Hashtag.
Sade may be pronounced 'Shar-day', but it looks like 'Sayd' You might understand what you mean when you hashtag #foutofwk in your tweet, but everyone else will wonder if you've been day drinking. If you haven't been day drinking, and you want people to understand your hashtag, make sure your abbreviation or slang is common knowledge #witurpeeps.

Hashtags are fun, but use them wisely or everyone will know you're an #oldfart.

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