More than 100 years ago the Titanic met its fate.

Now, Australian billionaire Clive Palmer is realizing his vision to build another Titanic.

This new ship, Titanic II, will be bigger and will almost be an exact replica of the original. It will be 883 feet long, 174 feet high, have 840 cabins and come with amenities like Turkish baths, a swimming pool, squash court and gymnasium and this time around they will incorporate enough lifeboats for everyone on board…so not exactly a true replica.

Here’s where it gets interesting, the ship will set sail from England to New York and will house 2,600 passengers. Each passenger will be given costumes to match the dress of those worn back in 1912. If that’s not creepy enough, there will also be a strict class system put in place, in which first class passengers will not be able to mingle with second and third class passengers, and any travel between the separate classes of cabins will require a costume change.

Imagine that?

Clive Palmer is looking for a launch date of 2016 and although ticket prices haven’t been discussed, he has received offers up to one-million dollars per passenger!

So would you buy a ticket to the Titanic II?