Ummmm excuse me mister Bazillionaire – But I’m pretty sure this is a bad idea!

We’ve all seen the movie Jurassic Park, haven’t we? Well, if not put it on your Netflix list.

Seems that billionaire Clive Palmer is thinking of cloning a dinosaur and plans to display it at the über fancy luxury $3 billion Coolum resort in Australia.

So who is Clive Palmer? He’s a very wealthy business man out of Australia and according to Forbes magazine this year alone is worth $8 Billion dollars…making all his money in mining and investments in natural resource companies.

He is also currently building the Titanic II. Something tells me this guy has a death wish of some kind!

So far, he's reached out to the scientists that cloned Dolly the sheep to bring his vision to life.

Please Mr. Palmer, all I ask is that you don’t clone a Velociraptor!

What do you think good or bad idea?