Recently, our city was namechecked on Jeopardy! The 4/8/21 episode of the syndicated quiz show included the category “Places in Texas.”

Contestants were given a question (sorry, answer) about the famous river that separates us from Mexico. For $200 contestants had to name the river that “the ‘Good Neighbor Bridge’” that crosses “from Juarez, Mexico to El Paso”

The correct answer (sorry, question), as I’m sure you know is, ‘what is the Rio Grande’ even if, as I, you had no idea we even had a ‘Good Neighbor Bridge’. (We do, but we locals don’t call it that. You’ll find out more than you’ll ever want to know about our bridges in this article.)

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That was not the first time our city has been acknowledged on the quiz show. Per a searchable archive of Jeopardy! episodes, El Paso has been an answer or clue on Jeopardy! 19 times since 2010.

The topics honestly haven’t been all that diverse. Think geography, the Rio Grande, and the Marty Robbins song. That pretty much covers the extent of the question writer’s knowledge of our little corner of the desert, it seems.

Times El Paso Was an Answer or Clue on Jeopardy! – 2010 to Present

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