Well, here's something you don't see too often.

In case you missed it, Monday's episode of Jeopardy! ended with all three players with no money, meaning there was no champion and a whole new set of players would join the game the next night.

The stakes were certainly high: two players entered "Final Jeopardy" tied with $13,800 apiece, while the last player had $6,000. Each contestant wagered all the money they had, but, unfortunately, they each got the question wrong.

The question? "A 1957 event led to the creation of a national historic site in this city, signed into law by a president whose library is now there too."

Don't know it? Don't worry. Neither did any of the three players.

All told, that's $33,600 that went poof, an amount of money you don't see disappear this quickly outside of an unlucky blackjack hand at a high roller table in Vegas.

The three-way loss doesn't occur too often on Jeopardy!, but it has happened before:

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