Artificial tiger captured! This plastic beast will be of no harm to anyone. We can all rest easy now!

Posted by NM Game and Fish on Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A tiger? Yes a tiger indeed. Imagine riding your bike through the Sandia National Forest near Tijeras, New Mexico and seeing a tiger on your route? First things first, take a picture and upload it to every social media outlet to freak people out, right? Well that's what this mountain biker did and residents freaked.

The Bernalillo County Animal Care Services even issued a warning to hikers to be extremely careful in the East mountains and to call 911 if any additional sightings took place.

The New Mexico Departments of Game and fish hadn't immediately responded to the reports but when they found out about it they went on an investigation, and the artificial tiger was captured! Yes it was a huge scare for nothing. Seems it was just a plastic life size tiger. The Sandia Ranger District had followed up stating that the plastic figure had been on the trail for years and now it has been removed.