Times are tough, that we all know. The COVID-19 pandemic has made a mess of so many people's financial situation that something has to give. Often the thing that has to go in a family's budget is the family pet. Sadly sometimes people just open the back door to the family cat or leave the family dog by the roadside thinking and hoping that they can take care of themselves. What happens when you can no longer take care of your pet? Chances are you might try to surrender them to the El Paso Animal Services shelter, but that puts your pet in the system that is already terribly overcrowded so the Shelter has come up with a new re-homing tool to help out.

It called Home to Home and and it will help a pet go from one home right into another. Pets get stressed when they are surrendered to a shelter from a home so this step can help eliminate that stress for the pets and for the families who have to surrender them. Shelter officials say that doing things this way also opens a line of communication between the pet's owners who are surrendering them and the home they go to. Information about the pet can be shared so the transition is easier on them.


You can go online to the El Paso Animal Services website if you need to surrender a pet. You'll fill out a short form, upload a photo of your pet and then submit the application. Animal Services will post it on their website. If you're looking to adopt a pet you can go and use the search feature. Home To Home is free to use but no money is allowed to exchange hands.

Using Home to Home will help your pet find a new home and free up space and resources at the Shelter for pets who need to stay there. If you don't think this is something you can use for your pet, you can still surrender them directly to the Shelter. If you would like more information on this program you can click here for the Animal Services website.

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