If you are a pet lover then you know how hard it is to find the perfect pup to welcome into your home. El Paso has a lot of pets that need homes and they are adopted out but some need foster homes to stay in before going out to their furever homes. They need El Pasoans willing to provide a temporary loving home.

El Paso Animal Services has a program called the Flight Attendant Foster Program. It's a short-term fostering opportunity to help prepare dogs to be transported to other shelters and rescues for adoption. If you become part of the Flight Attendant Foster Program you'll have a doggo for a one-to three-week period until their rescue flight to their new homes located in the northern part of the U.S.

Therapy Dogs on sidewalk receiving attention from passersby
Laura Fay

This isn't a new program. Last year alone, El Paso Animal Services transported nearly 1,000 pets to their new homes in this manner. The best news is that the Flight Attendant Foster Program is completely free. You get all the supplies needed for you foster pup including veterinary care provided during the foster period. You just need to provide the loving family atmosphere and a temporary home.

If you would like to be a part of the Flight Attendant Foster program, you can go to the El Paso Animal Services website to sign up by clicking here. If you have questions on the Flight Attendant Foster program you can email the Pre-Boarding Team at janiceRA@elpasotexas.gov. They can answer any questions and get you through the registration and pick-up process for your foster pup.

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