If you're looking for a pet but you want to try one out before you take them home, you should definitely give the El Paso Animal Services Shelter a call. They have a great idea to get you and your next doggo together and to make sure you both like each other. It's a doggy playdate and it's kind of like a blind date for humans and pups.

Group of dogs playing in the park

The Animal Services Shelter has a fenced in yard where you can check out the dogs that are available for not only adopting but fostering. You could foster a dog at your home so they can have a home to stay in instead of of the shelter while they wait for their forever home.

Getting to know a dog before you adopt it might make the transition easier after you adopt it, so having a playdate opportunity would be a good way to find out if you want a doggo that is active or more sedate, or maybe even a senior dog that could use a good home in their old age.

group of five dogs sitting in front of a white background
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The doggy playgroup will be socially distanced and if you have any questions, the Animal Services Shelter Adoption Team will be on hand for answers. The pups who will be in the playgroup are medium-large dogs and you'll have about 20 minutes to check them out.

Call (915)212-PAWS for more information on the Doggy Playgroup and Adopt, Don't Shop for your next pup.

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