Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial, official start to the summer.  There's the Balloon Fest, and family cookouts, and a three day weekend!  But there is a reason we call it Memorial Day.  This is the reason.  I could go on and on about this clip, but watching it, and you'll need a box of Kleenex when you do, answers any questions about war, fallen heroes, and why we honor our dead.

Charles Durning went on to have an amazing life and career, and in every interview I've ever seen with him, he says the only reason why is because of the brave men who fought alongside him.

We have soldiers coming home every day who have seen the hellish nightmare Mr. Durning describes.  It's our job, it's our responsibility, to help those men and women come back physically, emotionally, and spiritually, to the land for which they fought.

It's our HONOR to put our hands over our hearts and say the Pledge of Allegiance or sing the National Anthem in remembrance of those who died to keep our country free and safe.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  Eat, play, enjoy family and friends, but remember who made all this possible...

And just so you know a different side of Mr. Durning, here is a clip of him, one of my favorite scenes in one of my favorite movies of all times, because it's important to celebrate life as well!

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