El Paso isn't called the Sun City for nothin'. IT IS HOT!

It may be hotter in other places, but don't hate on me for already being uncomfortably sweaty during these three-digit temperature days of horrible heat. The hotter it gets, the more I have to begin to worry about the sweat causing my adult acne to act up or possibly causing intense odors.

Things can get weird when the heat rises, such as my makeup begins to melt off. I pay good money for it to stay on my face, but I doubt Rihanna tested her Fenty Beauty makeup in El Paso heat. In order to stay fresh during these hot days, I have to start carrying some extra things in my purse. I know I am not alone.

I see women pull tons of things out of their purses besides the typical wallet or cell phone, during this time of year. You may start carrying multiple water bottles, possibly an umbrella, even sunblock. This heat is no joke, so El Pasoans need to step up their sun protection! In the video above, I shared the newest necessities added to my bag and always am open to new suggestions. If you have any advice on how to stay fresh during the summer, share it with me!

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