Twelve pictures taken of one tree every month perfectly captures how the seasons don’t change in El Paso, TX.

There are places worldwide where you can experience the season changing, from the turning of the fall leaves to the rainy summers and snowy banks, but not in El Paso.

Last year, beginning in January, I decided to chronicle the changing seasons in El Paso by taking a picture of the same tree once a month throughout the year.

The task was simple. I committed to taking a picture of the same tree roughly around the same time, between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. every month.

Every month especially after COVID-19 hit, my walks to this tree became cathartic in some way. With a looming global pandemic, taking pictures of this tree gave me the time to re-center and positively directed my energies.

Last year was an absolute nightmare, and this tree served as a visual representation of how even after its leaves had fallen off, it still stood stoic and strong. A simile for life, if you will.

I was eager to see the tree's foliage transform through the seasons and compare it to where I was in life then.

Then I saw the pictures and realized that El Paso looks like it’s permanently stuck in a Spring/Summer mode.

Yep, these pictures perfectly illustrate how the seasons changing in El Paso is not a thing. (Insert chuckle here)

It's no surprise, especially since El Paso was just named the 7th sunniest city in the nation averaging over 6 months of sunshine throughout the year.

See how the seasons don’t change in El Paso below:

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What started as a fun project for an article; turned into a retrospective activity that saved my sanity during such a confusing and bewildering year. I also realized that El Paso’s weather is permanently suspended in a spring/summer limbo, and I’m not even mad about it because you can't beat this weather or our gorgeous sunsets, for that matter.


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