More celebrities hit up El Paso as the gang from MTV's Jersey Shore were spotted Thursday, arriving at the airport.

Premiere Of MTV Network's "Jersey Shore Family Vacation" - Arrivals
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Hey, El Paso, look who's in town; it's the cast and crew of MTV's Jersey Shore.

In January, fans were thrilled when they learned that DJ Pauly D would be performing in El Paso at the 11:11 club off Dyer, but I don't think anyone had any idea that the whole crew would be rolling in together to visit the borderland.

FitFam shared photos of the crew spotted at the El Paso International Airport, confirming that the whole cast and crew of MTV's Jersey Shore Family Vacation was indeed in the Sun City. In the photos shared, you can see a film crew and Jersey Shore cast members Mike Sorrentino, La Snooki, Deena Cortese, and Vincent Guadagnino.

Moments later, Dia De Los Pescados, a local food truck, posted that they were closing early because they were hosting the Jersey celebrities, but then the post mysteriously disappeared.

Dia De Los Pescados
Dia De Los Pescados

But, before FitFam or anyone else was able to confirm the news, El Paso's DJ Johnny Kage, who is also performing tomorrow night at 11:11, had tipped off his fans earlier in the day and followed up on social media, saying:

Real talk.. if you see the Jersey Shore cast out and about please don’t yell stupid crap or try to instigate anything, please have class. Last thing I want to see on TV is them getting into an altercation at one of our party districts and our city ridiculed. People love to be negative, if it’s not your cup of tea don’t waste energy hating, whenever it’s something I’m not into I just keep scrolling, to each their own! Have a great day! Hello MTV!

So why did the cast decide to visit El Paso? Well, it's not the first time DJ Pauly D performs in town, and maybe they thought, why not film in El Paso?

As of late, the borderland has become a hot spot for celebrities, seen filming or just passing through, and just earlier this week, El Paso's Pancho Villa Stash House was featured on The History Channel, and now the Jersey Shore has dropped in on the borderland.

It's no surprise that the rest of the world is barely beginning to discover the beauty of our city, its talented creatives, fantastic cuisine, and historical roots. And while it's super dope that these celebrities want to get down and wild in the 915, I have to agree with J. Kage;  if you come across the Jersey crew about town, please keep it cool and stay classy, El Paso.

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