There are times you know something is not right with yourself that just to be safe requires a hospital visit to the emergency room. We all hate those times of having to go to the hospital especially if you're feeling worried. Normally hospital trips to the emergency room are a little brighter with the company that tags along.

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Since COVID-19 cases started to rise a bit recently University Medical Center went back to their old policy. That policy requires that only the patient that is being admitted is allowed in the waiting room.

Now other times before when I have visited the hospital in the past patients were allowed to have a supportive person by our side. Which, by the way, helps the time go by faster than how slow it actually goes without that person.

I recently missed work for a couple of days because of a mishap that landed me in the emergency room. It was at that moment I realized I should at all times carry an emergency room essentials bag stored in my truck at all times.

I thought of a list of things that you should always be prepared to take with you when making a trip to the emergency room. After my recent visit to UMC, I know how to plan for a future visit and hope there won't be.

Now when there aren't that many hospital beds really affects how much time patients spend waiting to be admitted or let go. It also doesn't help when a hospital is short-staffed either. Props to all the medical staff that continue to work hard and save lives. I hope you enjoy the list I put together for the essentials you need to feel comfortable when visiting the emergency room at a hospital below.

ER Necessities

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