This week a bombshell was dropped when local news outlets reported that second doses of the COVID vaccine would be on hold for the time being as per state and federal officials. The news outlets also reported that if people had a second dose appointment, those appointments and the vaccine cards should be considered null and void. Turns out those reports, according to County officials I emailed Friday morning, were wrong.

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From Laura Cruz-Acosta, Strategic Communications Director at the City of El Paso:

"The stories that ran on two local stations were incorrect.
Yesterday afternoon we announced to media that we received another allotment of 5,000 vaccines and advised them that we are also administering the second dose vaccinations.
There have been questions about the date provided in the vaccination card for second doses of the vaccine and staff advised media that we are not going to schedule the second dose for individuals until we receive these doses from the state. To-date we have received the second doses on schedule for every individual eligible for it. The state is continuing to issue out the first and second doses to the City, accordingly and no one is past due at this time.
We have reached out to the media outlets about these erroneous stories and requested clarifications on-air. The media outlets have acknowledged their errors and have agreed to correct their stories.
Please note that residents who are due for their second dose will receive an email, text or call, when the City receives the second dose allotment and opens second dose appointments, as appropriate. There is no need for individuals to re-register for their second dose.
As a reminder, the second dose for the Moderna vaccine is due 28 days after receiving the first shot and the Pfizer vaccine’s second dose is due 21 days after. The City of El Paso is issuing out the Moderna vaccine at this time. It is important to know that the second dose DOES NOT need to be administered exactly on the 28th day. The second dose may be provided days or weeks after it is due, but you cannot receive the second dose sooner."

From Ryan Mielke, Director of Public Affairs, University Medical Center:

"This has been a source of confusion for the general public since media reports aired last night. The reports are completely unrelated to UMC. Our schedule remains uninterrupted and intact for second doses.
Media reports in the last 24 hours about second-dose appointments/availability delays DO NOT apply to UMC. Our schedule remains intact and uninterrupted.
Check your CDC card and please show up on that date, at the same time as your first dose.
If you received your first dose at the UMC main campus, you will get your second dose at the El Paso County Coliseum.
If you received your first dose at a UMC Clinic in our community, you will return to that clinic for your second dose."

For further information about the City's second dose scheduling, click here for their press release on the situation.

Everyone needs to sit tight, keep your vaccine card and wait for notification of your second dose. We'll also make sure that we follow up with City and County officials anytime there is new information about vaccines to keep you up-to-date with the correct information. It's important to all of us, however, to continue to wash our hands, wear our masks, social distance when we have to go out, but stay home as much as we can.

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