The COVID-19 pandemic is still raging across the world but there is some hope on the horizon. El Paso hospitals are set to get a small allocation of the Pfizer vaccination in the coming weeks and more will be coming in January. The first vaccinations will likely go to first responders and hospital workers, but when you get the vaccination, you will be given a card to show you have gotten the vaccine.

You might not remember getting vaccines when you were little, but your pediatricians office likely gave your parents a record of the vaccines that you received. I still have a vaccination record from when I was a little tyke. Usually your parent would bring the record with them and it would be updated.

Because you have to get two doses of the vaccine within two weeks of each other, it is important for you to know when you got your first and when the second dose will have to be administered. It's not known how City and County of El Paso officials will take care of making sure everyone gets their two doses but there are reports that some municipalities will be using text messages to remind people to get their second round. Because vaccination clinics will be reporting vaccine information to state immunization registries, the information on when a person got their first dose will be searchable.

Now don't get all panicky about the government having that information. They already have your updated information when you register your vehicle, renew your driver's license, and even when you change your mailing address. This is just a database that will let officials know how many people have gotten the full vaccine.

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