How are the Olympics like real life? Well, there's drama, workplace romances, and rewards for a job well done.

I wasn't always the sports fanatic I am now (major sarcasm)! But when you're married to a guy who has been covering sports for 30 years, it's best to at least get a basic working knowledge so you can hold a conversation during the different sports seasons.

Watching the Winter Olympics this year, I've been struck by how much like real life this particular sporting event is. See if you agree:

1. They Scare The Crap Out Of You To Start Your Race - Athletes know their race has begun when a starting gun gets fired. You know your day has started when an alarm clock blares in your ear. The only reason I would rather have an alarm clock go off is I can hit the snooze button.

2. Looks Are Everything - Ever notice how sometimes the ice skater with the cutest costume and the flirtiest eyes ends up beating the score of her not-so-flirty-eyed competition? Sometimes, remembering to do your mascara and reapply your lipstick is the key to success. That said, don't forget to practice your triple salchow or you'll never win gold.

3. Moms Are The Most Important Person In Your Life - When you're just starting out in life, you think your mom doesn't know anything. You soon find out that she's never wrong, and then you star in a commercial like this one:

4. Workplace Romances Are Unavoidable - You and your co-worker get to know each other over happy hour drinks, Olympic athletes get thrown together in a village where, one Olympic athlete said, "I've never witnessed so much debauchery in my life!" 100,000 condoms have even been distributed to the athletes. Dang, those athletes sure have understanding bosses.

The Olympics - real life, only with medals.

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