The Joey C 6!

Hey there! Here is what’s sitting sexy at the top of my playlist! The playlist is called “Cake & Piñatas” and I keep it up at Spotify @joeycradio in case you ever wanna check out the whole list. I’m feeling a the holiday spirit but not in a traditional Christmas sense. These songs come from a playlist called #tomas because my buddy and I had swapped favorites and from there his list has made my life so lit! Check out this month’s picks for you to add to your playlist. They are at the top of mine! Enjoy!


Alesso ft Anitta - Is that for me?

I first became familiar with Anitta when she was featured on Iggy Azealia’s sassy summer bop called “Switch.” Although Switch seemed to have flopped bad and Anitta’s presence wasn’t really emphasized, she kept popping up on my Spotify’s suggested list sparking curiosity. Sua Cara with Pabllo Vittar & Diplo is lit and most recently Downtown ft. J. Balvin showcases Anitta’s super sexy vibe! She’s lit!

Clean Bandit - I Miss You

Julia Michaels is on vocal for this Clean Bandit breakup song that speaks from a woman’s perspective and trying to be strong but caving in and missing her beau.

Maluma - Corazon

April 20th 2018 Maluma returns to El Paso and will lay it down at the El Paso County Coliseum and I am just shook about seeing him in the Sun City! Maluma’s sexy reggaeton vibe seems to make the genre more commercially appealing and he’s definitely Latin America’s sweetheart!

Rita Ora - Anywhere

I saw a meme that features an image of Rita that says “I don’t know what I’m here or what I’m doing….” definitely a dig at Rita’s musical career but Anywhere is getting a lot of club play in the UK and it’s rapidly advancing in the United States! I’ll be honest, at first the song feels like it’s endless road to nowhere and then the “drop” hits and it's so juicy! For now, for Rita WE STAN.


Jidenna - Boomerang

Boomerang was fun to run into on accident while shopping at the mall. I always have an open ear to check out what department stores have on to set the mood. This summer sounding tropical love song about how the romance all started makes for a fun night out!

Sam Smith - Pray

Sam Smith never fails to deliver in my opinion and hearing him sing Pray on Carpool Karaoke with James Corden is where my love for this song began. The lyrics strike me about an adult reaching his “come to Jesus” moment and putting aside his pride to not only ask for help but give thanks.

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