The Bridge to Nowhere will be demolished this weekend and will close down I-10 from Sunday, August 14, 3 a.m. to Monday, August 15, 5 a.m. The bridge was build 47 years ago over I-10 just south of the Sunland Park exit, right next to the Buena Vista neighborhood. It was supposed to connect the Buena Vista neighborhood to a small neighborhood north of the freeway. A few years later, an earthen dam was built by the Army Corp of Engineers and the neighborhood north of I-10 was bought out. After the ponding area dried up, the bridge was closed and began to be called the Bridge to Nowhere because there was no neighborhood to connect to.

The first half of the bridge was taken down a couple of weekends ago, and the remainder was supposed to have been taken down last weekend. TxDOT rescheduled the demolition of the second half in order to avoid closing I-10 on both sides on the tax free weekend.

The video above shows the demolition of the Yandell overpass and gives you a good idea of what the demolition of the Bridge to Nowhere will look like.