Everyone has a certain area in El Paso they just despise having to drive to.

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I have a handful of areas I definitely experience a bit of anxiety when driving around El Paso. For example, the area where the Super Target is located and how traffic can be is nerve-racking.

The only times I am ever in the Joe Battle area is when I need to order something that is only sold at that location. When I have to make the drive to any stores in the Joe Battle area I always drive with extra caution.

Now I know I am not alone when it comes to certain areas in El Paso that cause anxiety.

Another couple of spots that can be dangerous and outrageous are Scenic Drive and Round-abouts. Scenic Drive is dangerous every weekend in the evening for certain reasons.

Tons of people will make their own parking in a non-parking area on Scenic Drive in the evenings. I am just so glad we haven't seen anything about an accident happening from something like that.

The other spot would have to be where the roundabouts are on Edgemere Blvd. on the far Eastside of town. You can read all about what I mean by clicking here.

Another area that is known for causing drivers to worry is when you're merging with other traffic on Loop 375 after exiting I-10 East.

There are other routes you can take sometimes that have you hoping for a smooth cruise but when the only way is the scary way, you sometimes have to take it.

I want to know what area in the borderland gives you anxiety when you're driving around.

Place your vote on which side of town you feel is nerve-racking in the poll below.

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