Recently a couple of Youtubers, or more accurately a Youtube couple, slid into our DMs with an invitation to watch a video they made titled “THE ULTIMATE EL PASO TACO GUIDE”.

Of course, they had me at ‘taco.’ I love me the tacos, so sure I’m curious who El Paso natives Javi and Jo: On the Go think make the best ones in town. Especially when it’s in all caps. I’ve got my favorites, but I’m always open to suggestions and new places.

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“We tasked ourselves to find the best tacos El Paso has to offer. So here they are the best 8 places to get tacos in El Paso,” read the video caption. Now, before I reveal those 8 places, I have a bone to pick about two things on their list.

First, the title and the video description are inaccurate since 1 of the 8 is in Las Cruces, which is NOT in El Paso. You can’t declare something is anything “in El Paso” and throw in a business in a whole other state.

The other is including rolled tacos on the list. Rolled tacos are not tacos; they’re flautas. Fight me if you want, but you won’t change my mind. Rolled tacos, or taquitos, or flautas, or tacos ahogados – whatever you want to call them -- are their own category.

Anyway, back to Javi and Jo’s list. Here, in the order they appeared on the video minus the place in Las Cruces since Las Cruces isn’t El Paso, are “the best 8 places to get tacos in El Paso.” You can check out their vid below for specifics.

Javi & Jo: On the Go Facebook
Javi & Jo: On the Go Facebook

• Tacos Panzones food truck
• Little Shack
• Tacos Don Cuco
• Taco Shop
• El Cometa
• Taconeta
• Elemi

Whaa, no El Taco Tote, KiKi’s, or L&J? No Lucy’s, Tacos Chinampa, or Tacoholics? Maybe Javi and Jo have been on the go too long and need to reconnect with their hometown.

I mean, it’s a good list but the “ULTIMATE”? Nah, not even in lower case. I don’t think anyone can put together an ultimate taco list. There are just too many great taco places in El Paso.

Maybe someday I’ll share mine. Spoiler alert: Taco Bell is on it. Whatever, man, don’t @ me.

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