Lately, it seems like Chico's Tacos has been having some competition. There are tons of El Paso natives that miss the famous rolled tacos when they move away. Hell, those that leave the 915 make it a point to make a pit stop at Chico's Tacos when they visit El Paso.

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Some El Paso natives even go to the extreme lengths of buying extra to take back with them. Well, Chico's Tacos famous rolled tacos you can drink inspired other food joints to try the same. There are two familiar spots in El Paso where you can get your generic Chico's Tacos fix.

Those a few places to enjoy rolled tacos sitting in juice are located on the Eastside of town. One spot is at Cincinnati Bar and Grill located on N. Zaragoza Road. Another food joint that carries rolled tacos is Gilly's Taco Cantina also located on the same road. Finally, The District also carries a generic version of Chico's Tacos.

Well, there have been debates about who has the best generic rolled tacos closest to Chico's Tacos lately. A foodie in El Paso, Tim Cooper recently visited Gilly's Taco Cantina and was impressed. In fact, he ranked Gilly's Taco Cantina tasting the best, Cincinnati Bar and Grill ranking second, and Chico's Tacos last.

Someone else I know who introduced me to the place and who can also vouch for Gilly's Taco Cantina is DJ Payne. There have been quite a few people who speak very highly of The District's rolled tacos. But I am curious about the publics' opinion on who has the best-rolled tacos.

Now, the pictures I have seen of rolled tacos from different places look absolutely delicious. Share the spot you believe has the best tasting rolled tacos soaking in juice in the poll below.

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