You know what stinks? One of El Paso's most beloved holiday events will not happen this year after 86 consecutive years. The Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl will not be played this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The announcement was made yesterday and it left a lot of businesses in the Cincinnati Entertainment District worried about their financial bottom line because they are not going to get the huge economic boost from game day sales and fans and teams coming into town for the New Year's Eve day football classic.

But today, there was some amazing news from the game's title sponsor:

“Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes and Tony the Tiger recognize the impact the game’s cancelation has on our entire local community and all the local game-day workers who traditionally make the Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl run. From the parking attendants and maintenance to the concessions team and ushers, Tony the Tiger will ensure Sun Bowl workers receive their usual paycheck this holiday season. Additionally, Frosted Flakes will donate 1 million meals to El Paso food banks, which continues our game’s historic commitment to the families and residents of this vibrant community.”

There is so little good news this year on any front, but the fact that Kellogg's is stepping up to not only make sure that Sun Bowl workers will get some much needed holiday money but also donating meals for one million El Pasoans is stunning. This is something that needs to be celebrated because there is a lot of need in our community and a corporation seeing that need and stepping in to help alleviate some of it is, wait for it, Grrrrreat!

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