Class is back in session for most of our youth and one North Texas mom is sending a message to legislators in Texas. She has created a "bulletproof' dress, the dress is a symbol of how gun violence has left parents scared of sending their kids to school.

Meet Cassie Arnold, who is a teacher and mother of three from Denton, Texas.  She made the school dress entirely of Kevlar.  This is the same material that is used in bulletproof vests that law enforcement wear.  She posted this picture on Instagram with an explanation of why she made the dress.

She explains in the post that she was pregnant with her first child and teaching in middle school when the Sandy Hook Tragedy occurred.  Fast forward to 2022, she had two girls in Elementary school at the time of the Uvalde tragedy.  At this point, like many parents, she was terrified by the idea of sending her children to a place where they were supposed to be safe but might be shot and killed. The School Uniform which doubles as a bulletproof dress is the way that she is processing her feelings. She hopes that this will send a message to lawmakers about gun violence.

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She ends her post by saying, School is starting and the elections in November are coming. It’s time to pressure those who have the agency to create changes to do so. It is time to support teachers and give them the resources that they need to inspire our students. It is time to answer this violence with love and logic instead of more violence.


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