Texas Governor Greg Abbott held a news conference and was asked when the statewide mask mandate would be lifted. The state has been under a mask mandate since July but with more and more Texans being vaccinated, Abbott said his office is working on removing "all statewide orders, and we will be making announcements about that pretty soon.”

I know that we're all tired of wearing masks. They're a pain, you have to make sure you wear a fresh mask every day and during the Texas heat there is just no way to be comfortable. It's like wearing a fleece hoodie in a sauna. I totally get it, but there are 5 reasons why I will continue wearing a mask even after the mask mandate is lifted:

1. Spend less money on makeup - With a mask on, there is really no need to wear foundation because the mask will just end up digging a trench in your makeup wherever it hits.


2. Everyone looks better in a mask - Your eyes are the window to your soul and if that's all people see it makes everyone look more mysterious and sexy.

Inga Ivanova

3. It's like a baseball cap for your face - You know how you wear a baseball cap when your hair is a mess? Your face can be a mess but a mask covers up most of it so you're good to go.

Zedcor Wholly Owned

4. Diet aid - You can't eat all your co-worker's candy off her desk if you have to walk around in a mask.


5. Men don't say 'smile' to you - For some reason men think they need to tell women they don't know to smile when they pass them on the street. Not only do you not have to smile at them, you can glare at them over your mask and tell them exactly how stupid they are without ever saying a word.