Well, we can all agree that the pandemic did a number on small businesses around the world. Many were forced to shut down due to the pandemic and once things started looking better the next struggle was trying to get people to come back to work.

Needless to say, some businesses made it while others had to make the tough decision to close their doors for good. That was ALMOST the case for the world-famous Lost Horse Saloon that sits on San Antonio Street in Marfa, Texas.

Michael Shaddox is the new owner of The Lost Horse after he heard that the former owner, Ty Mitchell, was not going to reopen the Saloon doors after the second government shut-ordered shutdown.

“I thought that was a tragedy,” said Shaddox during an interview with The Big Bend Sentinel. “ How many places that are down-to-earth and affordable for the locals to go to and for tourists to go to and hang out, how many places like that are around?”

Fast forward two years later and the Lost Horse Saloon is proving that the comeback is always stronger than the setback!

Lost Horse Saloon is located in Marfa, Texas which is only 3 hours away from El Paso. It's a simple yet unique dive bar that would be great for a date night If you planned on taking a little weekend getaway to Marfa.

The Saloon serves food and features live music from locals as well as karaoke nights for those who want to show off their singing skills.

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