Publicly apologizing from jail for breaking the law can’t be easy, especially if you are one of those technically responsible for upholding it. However, that didn’t stop Travis County, Texas District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg from posting a written apology from a state correctional facility over the weekend for drinking and driving at over three times the legal limit.

According to the apology, which was posted to Lehmberg’s personal website on Saturday, the 63-year-old wants the citizens of Travis County to know that she remorseful for what she has done.

“I apologize to all of you,” she writes. “ There can be no anger directed at me – or disappointment in me – greater than my own. And, I neither believe nor expect that any words written or speech given can possibly convey the magnitude of the shame I feel for breaking the law and therefore, the trust with the people I serve and the community I love.”

Lehmberg was arrested earlier this month after authorities discovered an open bottle of vodka riding shotgun in her vehicle. When she was asked to submit to sobriety tests, she repeatedly declined.  According to reports, Lehmberg eventually confessed to having just a couple of drinks but that her medication must intensified the effects.

Lehmberg’s apology letter goes on to say that she intends to seek professional help after she is released from her 45-day sentence; however, she never mentions resigning from office. Yet, there is currently a petition on the table aimed at forcing her out.

“As others have stated, I have never planned to seek a third term and will not,” she added. “It is my hope to complete my term in office to complete the work we (my dedicated professional staff and I) started four years ago. I am proud of the work we have done from this office over the last 37 years and I hope to have the opportunity to continue that service.”

“I offer my deepest regret and most sincere apology and seek forgiveness from the people of Travis County,” Lehmberg wrote, closing her letter.

What do you think - should Lehmberg be allowed to remain in office?