When you are going to one of the most haunted locations in El Paso (allegedly), you think that you are going to get the pants scared off you when you see a ghost or goblin, but a couple of teens have a different scary tale to tell. They got the daylights scared out of them in the dark near El Paso High School instead of seeing ghosteses.

On Wednesday, August 5 the teens were in their parked car on N. Virginia Street next to El Paso High School and trying to see ghosts when a man walked up to their car. He knocked on the window and told the pair of teens to get out of the car, ransacked it, and took off with an iPhone and some loose change.

El Paso High School was in the news earlier this year when some kids seemingly caught a ghost in the window of the high school. In June, a video of what looked like a person standing at an upstairs window of the school scared the heck out of a lot of El Pasoans. The video is grainy and the figure in the video could be any number of things, but given that El Paso High School has been named the Scariest High School In The Nation it doesn't seem like a stretch to think that figure really could be a ghost.

Which brings us to the teens who got robbed. Ghost hunting is fun, but it's usually done after the sun goes down. If you're planning on chasing ghouls, make sure you are also aware of your surroundings so you don't scream at a person who wants to rob you instead of a ghost.

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