Non - alcoholic beer is becoming a "thing" thanks in part to the sober - curious movement and there are several brewed in the lone star state. One is brewed right here in El Paso.

The sober - curious movement has been growing steadily since about 2018. More and more people have been cutting way back on their drinking and many have quit drinking  completely.

This movement has not gone unnoticed by the alcohol industry and non alcoholic drinks are becoming more popular and more common. It's not just O'Doul's and Edge's world anymore.

Big time brewers like Heineken and Beck's had already jumped on the ... no pun intended ... wagon and now smaller, local brewers are getting into it.

O'Doul's is the only one I have tried. I gave up drinking for lent a few times and, as long as it's super, ice cold, it's not bad.

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I haven't tried any of these others, and probably won't to be honest with you, but keep reading for a few Texas brewed, "un-brews".

That way, you can drink to your hearts content while saving that uber-money for something else.

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Let' start right here in El Chuco with Zero Peda, made by El Paso Brewing Company. It's a non alcoholic, blonde ale and the comments on Untappd are all pretty positive.

El Paso Brewing is located at 810 Texas Avenue if you want to go stock up for the "New Year, New You". For more, hit 'em up on Facebook.

I've had some of their other brews and they were all way tasty.

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While recently seeing a huge leap in popularity, N/A beer is not a brand new concept. One of the oldest N/A beers was first brewed in San Antonio, Yexas by Texas Select in the 1970's.

You can find non-alcohol beers made by Texas breweries here.

Keep in mind that even non-alcoholic beers have a tiny bit of alcohol in them.

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