Grabbing some party supplies for the weekend isn't quite as easy in Chaparral as it is in El Paso. It can be more entertaining though.

Here in El Paso if you want some adult beverages, your options are endless. In Chaparral, just over the New Mexico state line in far northeast El Paso, the pickings are much slimmer.

The nearest place for liquor outside Chaparral is the Dirty Boot liquor store on McCombs or, for beer and wine only, there's a Speedway across McCombs from Dirty Boot.

Within Chaparral, despite a number of "mom 'n pop" grocery stores, two convenience stores and a couple of "dollar" stores, there are only two businesses licensed to sell alcohol.

Photo, GG
Photo, GG

The first is Stires Grocery Store, located at 304 McCombs. This is a complete grocery store so you can load up on all your party needs here.

Stuff for the grill, snacks, etc and, of course, your drankz. As far as liquor and beer/wine go, Stires is one stop shopping as they sell all types of beverages. The laws in New Mexico are different from the Texas laws.

New Mexico package stores can sell any type of alcohol whereas stores in Texas, except official "liquor stores", must stick to beer and wine.

Photo, GG
Photo, GG

The second choice ... here's the interesting one ... in Chaparral is Secrest Market,  located at 419 County Line Drive.

They are strictly a liquor store, no groceries, but you can get in and out quickly since people are only buying a couple of things at a time. If you happen to catch them during a rush, or you're just bored, you can kill some time with their animals.

Toss the handler a couple of bucks and he'll give you some food to feed them. I've had a lot of bands, at all levels of stardom, stay at my place and the take away moment for almost everyone of them has always been "the lick-er store pettin' zoo".

Try finding one of those in El Paso.


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