haunted el paso

Haunted El Paso: Tara Thai Restaurant
Just in time for Halloween, Henry Flores of the Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society paid Mike and Tricia a visit to discuss the group’s recent investigation of a popular west side eatery where voices are heard at night.
Mike and Tricia Catch Real Ghost on Tape
"Mommy!" The voice coming over the phone was so clear surely the little girl who said it was right next to the person we were speaking to at the time. But as we'd soon find out, what had started off as a captivating conversation with a listener about ghosts would end in the fr…
Haunted El Paso: Concordia Cemetery Shadow Man [PHOTO]
Shadow people are either supernatural apparitions, extra-dimensional inhabitants of another universe, optical illusions, or hallucinations, depending on your level of belief. Whatever they are, Concordia Cemetery is not for the lack of them.
Haunted El Paso: The El Paso Playhouse
Like many of the buildings on Montana, the one housing the El Paso Playhouse has been around for a long, long time. It was the Festival Theater and a church before being home to the community theater for 46 years and counting now.  And for many of those years, actors and others that frequent th…
Haunted El Paso: Fire Station #9
Allan Martinez, Case Manager/Investigator with Research in Paranormal Science of El Paso, paid us a return visit Friday morning. RIPS, if you recall, was the group who investigated Tricia’s claims last year that the building we work in is haunted.

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