Welcome to the last edition of Haunted El Paso as we explore the supernatural activity reported at Loretto Academy.


As with all ghost stories, the creepier the place, the more likely, it's full of paranormal happenings. Such is the case at Loretto Academy, the private Roman Catholic School in Central El Paso.

Mother M. Praxedes Carty founded Loretto Academy in 1922, and a year later, the school designed by Trost & Trost architects opened.

Soon after Carty died in 1933, rumors began to swirl that a nun haunts the school grounds, including its bell tower.


For years staff and students have reported sighting a nun around the school, students getting pinched out of nowhere, whispers, and the eerie feeling of being watched when no one is around.

One such story is from a former student Ashley who claims that on a dare, she climbed up to the bell tower where she was to stay for 20 minutes before returning downstairs with her friends. To prove that she wasn't a believer, she hung out and played games on her phone while waiting for her 20 minutes to expire.

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According to backpackerverse.com, Ashley soon began to feel as if someone was watching her and began to hear faint whispers followed by a sudden sharp pain in her shoulder as if someone had put a knife to it. And those whispers she heard soon began to sound like she was hearing the word "go" repeatedly. No longer capable of withstanding the unexplained occurrence, Ashley ran back downstairs, and as soon as her friends saw how rattled she was, they looked up to see the image of a nun peaking out from the corner of the bell tower.

Apart from Mother Carty roaming the bell tower, there have also been reports of a statue that seems to disappear. One local ghost hunter who has been exploring local haunted spaces on the borderland for the last decade says that janitorial staff has spoken to him about a disappearing statue that also roams the halls at the school.

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Janitors say there is a statue that sits inside a shrine in one of the hallways at the school, and sometimes when they are cleaning, they'll notice it disappears only to come back around and see it back in its place.

I don't know about you, but I got chills just writing about this story, thus ranking Loretto Academy high on my list of most Haunted El Paso places on the borderland.

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